It’s here!  It’s finally here.  This past weekend, Jeffrey and I woke up very early Saturday morning and made the trek out to Letterpress Things to pick up the tabletop press I had on hold from John Barrett.  John was great and explained all that I need to know to operate and keep good care of my new cast iron friend.  After picking up the press and a few accessories, we loaded everything into the car (thank god for a hatchback) and visited two consecutive family birthday parties before bringing the letterpress loot home (thank you Jeff for carrying everything in the house at midnight).  I still don’t have a table ready, but I might be working with a friend who can build a custom one for me.


After unpacking everything and setting up the press on it’s temporary stand, I stood back and looked at it… against the pale, pink walls that took me what seemed like forever to paint, it hit me…  it’s here.  Finally (it had not dawned on me before, even though Jeff kept asking, “Are you excited?  I’m excited!”).  I cannot explain in words the path that I’ve traveled from taking my first letterpress class to having my own press, realizing in that moment that all those weeks and months of simply wishing and thinking “someday it will happen,” to now having that goal actually materialize into becoming real.  Sure, there’s a lot more I need to buy and a lot more I need to do, but this can finally be crossed off my long term goals list.  So I stood there, quietly smiling with warm contentment, knowing how much it meant to me.  It’s been a long time coming, but my press is finally here.


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Posted Monday, June 8th, 2009 at 9:09 am
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Responses to “The Arrival of a Press”


I’m green with envy! I’ve always wanted one, enjoy it to the fullest!


How exciting!! I was just at Letterpress Things a few weeks ago! And I know the exact feelings you are having right now. :)

Jen Lula

hehe I can totally relate to this feeling. I hunted forever for a tabletop press after I took a letterpress and bookmaking class in college. I thought I would never to be able to own one and then one day I found one. I bought it as a surprise birthday present for my husband!

I am so excited for you!! Enjoy your new press!!!
Are you guys from MA? I saw you went to a tufts gallery opening? I am from Mass. as well.


Thanks everyone! It felt like a lifetime (it was only a year, though) but I’m so glad to have finally taken the plunge and bought a press. And Jen, yes… we indeed are from MA! Small world! :)

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