Laundry Line

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I really do wish we had a clothes line set up in our backyard.  I have memories of my Nana’s house and her laundry out to hang (along with washed out ziplock bags – my Nana used her three R’s way before it was cool).  Images shown belong to Stephanie Congdon Barnes via 3191 Miles Apart.

{images belong to Stephanie Congdon Barnes}

Hannah & Archie’s Wedding

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

What a sweet, lovely wedding.  These photos of Hannah & Archie’s wedding (found via frolic!) are making my heart melt today.

{images shown via Han Picked; photography by Peter Buncombe}

A Very Unbirthday

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Adele from Dace threw an Alice in Wonderland “unbirthday” party for her daughter… and it looks like it was a big hit!  Found via unruly things.

{images shown taken by Ryan Savella}

Mid-Year Goals

Friday, June 11th, 2010

It’s June.  Wait, what??  How on earth did that happen?  Wasn’t it just March?  If you’re like me, then you cannot believe that literally half of 2010 is already over and in the history books.  There is so, so much that I want to get accomplished for 2010 and I can’t help but feel a little antsy that I only have six months left to get things done.

With the coming of any season I find myself writing goals and to-do’s, but even more so during the summertime.  Firstly because of the reason listed above, but also because it’s my favorite season of the year and there’s so much I want to really soak up the summer months.  I’m constantly trying to find that perfect work-life balance, as well as finding my footing on my creative freelance feet, and it’s been challenging with so much happening in day-to-day life.  Lately there has been much happening in my personal life that has been affecting me accomplishing it all, but I’m hoping to make the small and the large things happen this summer, while enjoying my favorite part of the year to it’s fullest as well.  Here’s a few things on my goal list: personal, creative, large and small…

1.  Go to the beach.  At least once (unlike last year, which was zero) but preferably a few times a month.  I love the beach.
2.  Have lots of picnics.  Lunchtime, dinnertime, anytime I can squeeze them in.
3.  Finally, oh-dear-lordy-lord get my website up.  YES, I’ve been working on it, and yes it will happen (I’m pretty much saying this to myself here).
4.  Read more.  I have a long list of books saved on my Amazon wishlist (from non-fiction to fiction to biographies to memoirs).  Find time to just sit and read (and not before bed when I always fall asleep).  This may sound weird, but I often feel guilty for taking the time to just sit and read… I always feel like I should be busy doing something or working on a project.  I’d like to just relax and read and enjoy it.
5.  Hike on the weekends with the hubby.  Accomplish a few long hikes, 6-10 miles at a time.  We’re walking a charity marathon in September so I’ve gotta get used to the long distances!  Plus, I absolutely love hiking.
6.  Design a few letterpress items and open an Etsy shop…  Or Big Cartel.  Figuring out the pros and cons between the two.
7.  Go camping.  Camp with some friends.  Camp for at least 5 days (hoping for a straight 7) with my husband for my birthday and our anniversary in Acadia.
8.  Run and keep training for a 10K in the late summer or early fall.  Don’t stop exercising the way I normally do in years past (I typically stop during the summer months for some reason).
9.  Plan on doing at least one small craft fair this fall or winter, but I’ve GOT to have numbers 3 & 6 done for this one to happen.  Stop dreaming about it, make it happen!
10.  Bake more often.  This one may sound silly, but I used to bake often and I’ve missed that practice.  I find the methodical measuring and sifting to be very calming and relaxing for me.
11.  Prepare a budget and have a money game plan.  Ugh, this one stresses me out so this is why it continues to sit and wait.  This one is really a priority.
12.  Take that sewing class I’ve for years wanted to take.
13.  Take a digital SLR photography class to better understand my camera and how to use it better.  Wish I could take this one, if only I were closer (or could sneak away for a night to stay in DC and take it).
14.  Start planning and making Christmas gifts now.  No more stressing and last minute gift making during the holiday season this year!
15.  Have summer tea parties.  Eat fresh fruit, ice tea, fresh lemonade, and enjoy yummy treats with friends and family.
16.  Enjoy the smallest of summertime moments, even during a typical boring work day.  A bird at the feeder, a new flower blooming in the garden, a spur-of-the-minute ice cream cone, a gorgeous sunset or breeze.

What would you like to focus on this summer or for the rest of 2010?
- Colleen

Sprouted Kitchen

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

So many incredible food photography shots on Sprouted Kitchen, and lots of yummy recipes to boot.  I’m in heaven this morning.

{images shown belong to Sprouted Kitchen}

Shanna Murray

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Really lovely illustrated decals from artist Shanna Murray.  I’m finding myself wanting every single one!

{images shown belong to Shanna Murray}

Simplesong Update

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Suann has done it again… a lovely site redesign!  Up today on simplesong design.  Write her a comment on her blog and you could win a $100 gift certificate to her shop as well!

{image shown belongs to simplesong design}

Primele Custom Calligraphy Stamp

Monday, June 7th, 2010

I love these custom calligraphy rubber stamps from Primele (via Oh So Beautiful Paper).  Not only is it lovely (what a beautiful and a wonderful gift it would make) but at just $35 it’s very affordable.

{images shown belong to Primele}

English Garden

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

The foxglove that reseeded itself all through my front garden beds are now in full bloom.  Tall stalks of bell shaped blooms (usually humming with honeybees) are making the front yard look like an english garden…  I am in heaven.

{for more of my in the garden photos, check out my Flickr}

Standing on my Soapbox

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

While I like to keep craft lovely a place for my and others creative happenings to be discussed, from time to time I do feel the need to say something of importance.  Last night I watched Anderson Cooper from CNN and listened and watched in horror as he reported from a bayou in Louisiana.  This place is very dear to my heart, as my grandfather grew up there, I still have family in Louisiana, and I’ve visited it several times and know first hand and how beautiful and yet fragile it is.  They showed the oil: it was thick as molasses, sloshing against the reeds and plants (who were already brown and dying), and you knew nothing could live in that water… no plants, no animals, no fish.  The fisherman of the Gulf of Mexico are now not allowed to work, and it’s only a matter of time before more people and companies are affected.

They explained how BP is required by law to pay for the clean-up, and yet nothing has been done.  The state politician they had on said they already have people ready and waiting to help but BP hasn’t given them any funding, nor has BP found their own clean up plan or hired help.  This morning on NPR they said the oil has no reached Florida and Alabama, and with hurricane season only weeks away it’s only a matter of time before it spreads even further, killing everything in it’s path.

I feel very helpless to this situation.  What is a person, only one person, suppose to do?  Especially when you live thousands of miles away?  I cannot offer any advice, I’m rather asking for anyone’s suggestions.

A good first step: A best friend sent me this link, which can help you imagine the size of the spill against your hometown… and it is very eye-opening.  Please forward this information with your friends and family, so people understand the seriousness of the situation.  Then, you can email your state senator and tell them about your concern and how action needs to take place immediately.

We’re all in this world together, and we all affect each other and the planet… hopefully we can help one another and come up with a solution for this enormous clean up extremely soon.
- Colleen