I’m alive, I promise!  I hate that I haven’t blogged in well over a month (!!) but I had to stop in briefly to tell you that I’m here, I haven’t deserted the blog, but I have been literally non-stop busy for weeks now.

Pretty much since I decided to sign on the studio space, everything all happened at once.  In no particular order, here are some wonderful things that have happened since we spoke last: I got a press (a Vandercook SP-15), I moved into my studio space, I’ve been printing & designing like mad for NSS, I’ve been doing lots of custom work.  Not so great things: I got the dreaded norovirus (twice in one week, no less), haven’t slept much, eaten much, exercised, or been able to see family & friends for weeks because of my schedule.  I don’t even want to count the days till NSS, but I know it’s in less than two weeks!  Holy cannoli, where did the time go?!

There’s so much I want to share (the press move, setting up the studio, NSS stuff) so since I have a mountain of work to do, to be continued!  For now, here’s a few snippets of the past few weeks via Instagram (still the best way to see what I’m up to).

Hope you’ve all been well!
– Colleen

lots of light in the new studio

Vandercook SP-15

studio desk & equipment

{images shown via my Instagram @letterandlark}

Posted Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at 2:14 pm
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Responses to “I’m Still Here!”

Olivia Lane

congratulations on your new space! it looks so massive. i’m sure you’ll be making lots of awesome stuff!

Mad Madam Mim

I am OB.SESSSSSSSSSSEEEESSSED with that desk. no other way to say it. GAH.

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