Weekend Catch-Up

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

So, we were suppose to go apple picking this past weekend… but Mother Nature decided to nix that.  It was too rainy, cold and dreary for that – although we did briefly go to a farm and picked up a few things, but no apples.  Hoping to reschedule that soon.

In other weekend news, I participated once again at the Hyde Park Open Studios in MA.  It started off slowly (I think the weather kept people inside for the morning) but by the mid-afternoon it was bustling with visitors.  I met so many wonderful people and received so much kind feedback on my work that it really put a lot of “wind in my sails.”  The two new 2013 calendars were a big hit, and I’m anxious to post them in the shop soon!

{images shown via my Instagram @letterandlark}

Brooklyn Bound

Friday, September 14th, 2012

I’m super excited for this weekend!  I’m heading out early (after a really long work week, phew!) to visit my fabulous and dear friend who moved to Brooklyn this past summer.  I’ve never been and I’m really curious to see what it’s actually going to be like – after dreaming it up in my head from years of reading blog posts about all the cool places & people there.  Not too mention I miss her like crazy, so I can’t wait for multiple days of laughing, eating good food, and just hanging out.

Little nervous to travel alone to NYC for the first time to and be dumped off by a bus somewhere – but that’s what smart phones are for, right?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
– Colleen

{image shown via my friend’s Instagram @roundplumpapple}

Autumn is Around the Corner

Friday, September 7th, 2012

This week started out with Labor Day, and afterwards many of the schools in my area had their first day.  Even though it’s been ages since I went back-to-school shopping, or the fun of picking out which Trapper Keeper or Lisa Frank notebooks I’d get, I still am forever ingrained in the mindset of switching from summer to fall as soon as the first week of September comes along.  And in many ways, to me the fall has always felt more like the start of a new year than January.

This past week has brought a lot of mental change for me.  The summer sort of felt like I was spinning my wheels personally and professionally, and I found myself constantly reminding myself of the quote, “even small progress is still progress.”  As much as I use my blog as a place to promote the positive steps I take with my business, I also try to be honest to say that sometimes it’s a struggle; I feel like I owe it to someone reading my blog who is starting their journey to realize it can be really tough at times, besides being really rewarding (*I say this because at times I get really down when I look at blogs and everything seems so perfect and polished; and this is only one side of the story).  I’ve never been happier doing the work that I do, but it’s also the toughest work I’ve ever done.  This summer was a true testament of that, personally and professionally.

Sometimes my ideas come slowly, and then sometimes they happen overnight.  This past week I’ve started making some really big decisions about where I want my business to be in the next few years and where I want to be in my life in the next few years.  I wasn’t planning on figuring these things out, it’s almost like it just sort of happened – I think it’s definitely attributed to this new season approaching.  To make these ideas happen, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  A lot of quietly working and squirreling things away until they’re ready to share with you all – but I’m really excited for them, and for the first time in a few months, I’m really certain that some positive changes will come with them.

Here’s to making change, to list-making, heavy thinking, and to autumn.  As much as I absolutely love the summer, I am really excited for the fall.  This weekend I’m celebrating a best friend’s birthday with friends and will enjoy being outside in the warm temps around a fire pit to it’s fullest.  But I’m also excited for the foliage, chilly nights, baking and soup-making, and hard working inside by a fire in the fireplace.  I hope you’re able to give autumn some thought this weekend, and you come up with lots of good things and adventures planned too!

Keep the faith.
– Colleen

(Sorry for being so cryptic – I’m not so sure how everything will fall into place myself, but once it does I promise to share it all with you here!)

{image shown from another late summer/early fall visit to my local Audubon Sanctuary}

New Hampshire Bound

Friday, August 17th, 2012

I’m headed off with my entire family to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a full week!  I’ll see you all back in this space on August 27th… have a great week while I’m gone!

{image shown from my Flickr of a previous trip to New Hampshire}

Off Camping!

Friday, August 10th, 2012

I’m taking Friday off to go camping down the Cape with my husband for the weekend, get some much needed rest and time with him, and celebrate the end of my 20′s (gulp).

Next time I talk to you all, I’ll be 30 (the sound of that still has to set in)!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
– Colleen

{image shown from my Flickr of another summertime visit to Cape Cod, a few years back}

Summer Pinning

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Rather than being able to write thoughtful posts on here lately, I seem to do better updating my Pinterest this past month.  Pinning, dreaming, and planning for the future.  Two of my favorite types of images to bookmark are those for a home and those for a garden.  Hoping to start being able to use some of those as inspiration in the coming months ahead!

What are you pinning this past month?

{image shown are some of my Pinterest boards}

Happy Weekend!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

This weekend I’ll be spending some down time with my husband, maybe cleaning up the garden (it’s really ragged), going for an early morning run, and getting some design work done on holiday product (starting early this year!).

Whatever you have planned, I hope you have a great one!
– Colleen

{image shown is from last weekend’s early morning run, via my Instagram @letterandlark}

Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Monday, July 16th, 2012

This past weekend was my husband’s birthday and my sister found the best chocolate cake recipe for our dinner party, and it happens to be vegan as well!  It was perfect for our family since my nephew has food allergies and often has to eat separate food from everyone else, but finally could eat the same dessert as everyone else.  It was the right amount of chocolatey, not too sweet, and perfectly moist.

Definitely put this on your “to-bake” list!

{image shown via my Instagram}

Birthday Camping

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

I. am. so. excited!  I just made reservations for my husband and I to go camping for my birthday next month (shh, don’t tell anyone, but it’s the big 3-0).  If I was going to do something really special – I honestly just wanted a few days to be alone with my best friend, relax, cook good food, and be outside.  I’m really looking forward to this trip too because it’s going to be down the Cape, a place that I’ve always wanted to camp but we’ve always chosen the mountains over the beach.

Are you doing any fun trips or excursions this summer?  Where to?

{image shown via my Flickr}

Catching Up

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I am so sorry for my absence on here, things have been quite hectic in my personal life and I’m doing the best to catch up on work.  Sometimes, life just happens – I’ve had to put my family first the past two weeks; I’m sure you would all agree that family is what truly matters.

Will hopefully start posting regularly again this week – and new products will be available in the shop later this week too!

{image shown via my Instagram @letterandlark}